AEDO System

We, as PDA, are happy to announce that we are now at a stage where we can offer you assistance, by facilitating use of the Altech Nupay AEDO system for the collection of payments from consumers.

We would like to provide you with a short explanation as to how the system would be implemented:

- The AEDO system is a card system

- A representative of Nupay will equip you with a card machine at your business premises.

- It will be required of you to submit specific information regarding each client which you want to laod, to AEDO by means of entering the info onto the card machine.

- It will be required of you to have the consumer’s consent to this method of payment and to extend his/ her consent in writing.

- DC Partner will receive payments in accordance with the Debt Counselor’s instructions to AEDO.

- Submitted information is editable either via the card machine or the AEDO website.

We are sure you would agree that this system could hold many advantages to Debt Counselors and Consumers and we would therefore like to offer you the opportunity to have this very handy tool installed at your office. Naturally, this does come at a price and we have listed the applicable fees below for your perusal:

- Monthly rental of card machine = R 175.00

- Maintenance = R 80.00 – Insurance = R 15.00

- Tracking = First three days free of charge (thereafter R2 per day)

- Unsuccessful transactions = No charges

Tracking entails a “search for funds”, on the scheduled day of payment. One will automatically have the tracking function operating for three days (as from scheduled payment date), but thereafter a tracking fee of R 2.00 per additional day becomes payable.

The AEDO system also has a cost implication for the consumer. A fee of 2.2 % of the transaction value will be levied and charged to the consumer’s bank account. It is of extreme importance that this information is conveyed to the consumer before loading him / her onto the AEDO system.

Kindly take note that currently, there is a restraint in respect of the maximum value of a transaction. A transaction value of more than R 5000.00 will not be accepted and users are advised to load multiple transactions for installments larger than R 5000.00.

Please do take the time to consider this offer, as we are certain that this could lighten your burden and ease your concerns. This is really limited information and more information can be obtained by sending us an email or phoning Dave Rose at 082 7333 408 – email

Please arrange installation with Sunette Gerstner at DC Partner, as we do get discounted rates as PDA.

Should you be interested in this offer, please do contact our office at for more information or assistance for installation.

Happy counselling The DC Partner team

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