Applicant List

The Applicant List Screen show all the Applicants a DC currently has on the Debt Wise Program. This Help page will show you how to organise, filter and export information pertaining to your listed applicants. Please view the below screenshot and match the number on the screenshot with the listed number below.


  1. Search Filter – Here you can simply enter the name of any applicant you wish to view. The search function will output any relevant results to the main screen.
  2. Search Criteria – Here you can select a certain criteria to filter by and only applicant’s who meet that criteria will be listed in the main screen. Please view the below screenshot for a list of available search criteria.


alt text


  1. Applicant Export – By clicking this button you can export a list of all your applicant’s information to a CSV (Excel) Document.
  2. Colour bookmarkers – By using the clour bookmarkers you can create your own search criteria or sorting system. To make use of the clour bookmarkers, simply click on the blank square at the front of the Applicant and choose a colour you’d like to link the specific Applicant to.