Debt-Wise Program Hire

We at Debt Wise are pleased to announce that the Debt Wise program hire has been restructured as from 1 September 2011   The previous starting price was: R240 per folder plus an additional R49.50 per user and once you … Continued

DWS System Notice Version 3.0

Dear Users, We are pleased to announce that we will be launching the new version of the Debt Wise Solutions, Debt Counseling interface at the end of this week. Due to the number of changes to the system there will … Continued

Moratorium on Terminations

As some of you may know a Conditional Moratorium was signed by banks on terminations and legal enforcement of mortgage and related agreements under debt review.  The document was sent by the NCR to all Debt Counsellors yesterday. This is … Continued

Debt Wise Solutions Web Site Launch

Welcome to the Debt Wise Solutions Website, a informational site about the Debt Wise Program which is a National Debt Counseling Software Tool for Debt Counselors. For more information on the development of this Custom CMS Solution for the Debt … Continued

Submit for fees

Please note that the “Submit for fees” option is available once the permission has been ticked for the user. You will need to enable this through the “user management” under “options” tab. All Debt Wise System Administrators will need to … Continued

Debt Wise System Update

Please take note that we have made the following updates to the Debt Wise Program. 1. On the process screen there is now a check box to indicate that no COB (Certificate of Balance) was received and the values the … Continued

AEDO System

We, as PDA, are happy to announce that we are now at a stage where we can offer you assistance, by facilitating use of the Altech Nupay AEDO system for the collection of payments from consumers. We would like to … Continued