Creditors Directory

This screen will provide you with information regarding Creditors on the Debt Wise Program. There is 2 ways to access the creditors directory.

1.You can use the Creditors button at the top right of your screen. Example below:

2.You can also access it by using the Options button at the bottom left of your screen and selecting ’creditors’. Example below:

When the creditors button has been clicked you will see a screen similar to the screenshot below:

On this screen you will be able to:

1. Do searches for specific creditors.

2. View information on a specific creditor.

3. Add a new creditor if it’s not available on the system. Searching for a creditor in the directory.

Simply type what you are looking for in the Search field that is located at the top right of the screen. (Search Filter)

You can search for either of the following details of the creditors:

1. DW CR no.

2. Creditor Name

3. Creditor Address

4. Tel

5. Fax

6. Email

7. Contact Person

The system will highlight the term you searched for in yellow as demonstrated in the screenshot above.

You can set your results per page by using the dropdown menu if you would like to show more results. Example below:

If you choose a search query like I did (‘absa’) which will have a lot of results, and say you choose ‘25’ as your ‘Results per page’, then you can always use the pagination at the bottom to show more results.

You can also filter your searches by only showing ‘Verified Creditors’, ‘unverified Creditors’ or ‘All Creditors’. See example below:

Viewing a Creditors information.

If any account verification details have been added for this creditor, it will be listed below.




Adding a New Creditor to the Creditors Directory.

You will see all the same fields as when you are viewing a Creditor’s information.

The screenshot below lists the minimum details needed for a creditor to be added to the system.

It is very important to first search and make 100% sure that Creditor is not on the system before you continue with this process.

Please note – only once DC Partner has verified a creditors details will this creditor be accepted into distribution.