Balance Adjustment Screen The new balance adjustment feature locks the original balance of all clients that have been returned and need attention in place. Even though clients can no longer change the original balance they can adjust that balance, either by providing a new adjusted balance or by zeroing the balance as a result of the creditor being paid off or the creditor writing off the balance owed. When adjusting the Balance a client will need to choose one of these 3 methods, provide a new Balance (if applicable), choose the effective date and provide a reason for the adjustment of the balance. Also note that the original balance which the client had when he was returned will always remain unchanged. Any adjustments made will be recorded as plus or minus amounts made to that original amount. Below is a small walk through on how one can go about doing a balance adjustment.

  1. Make sure your clients status is “Returned Needs Attention”.
  2. Go to the “Creditor Screen” and select “Adjust Balance” in the centre of the screen.

  1. Select a Method of adjustment.

  1. Complete the rest of the form.
  2. Click the “Request Balance Adjustment” Button.