1. To access the General Screen you will first have to have an applicant loaded.
  2. From the Main screen you will open the selected Applicant’s information by clicking the blue “Open” button on the right of the applicant list.

  1. You will now have access to the Applicant’s General Screen options

Applicant Type

  1. You can choose which type of applicant this should be from the drop-down menu

Primary Applicant details

  1. Please Complete the personal details of the applicant.

Employment Details

  1. Please Complete the employment details of the applicant.


  1. You can add any dependents for the applicant

Bank Account Details

  1. Banking details of the applicant

Next of Kin

  1. Details of the next of kin

Joint Application

  1. A Joint application will contain most the above options.

Trust Application

  1. This allows you to enter a First and Second Trustee application.

Saving Applicant

  1. Please fill in all required information correctly as this may appear on generated documents.
  2. When done you can simply click the red “Save” button at the top right.
  3. If you try and close an applicant before saving changes it will give you a pop up message

  1. It will give you a option to “Close Applicant” without saving changes or you can select “Cancel” to go back and edit the applicant some more or simply to save your changes.