How to Register

How to Register – Step 1

  1. Visit the following URL
  2. You will see the login screen as illustrated

  1. Below the Email/User-name and Password field you see the following text displayed: “Not yet registered¬†? Registration Form”
  2. Click on the blue link ” Registration Form “

Step 2

  1. Once clicked it should take you to the registration form

  1. Please try to fill out at much information as possible.
  2. ~Please double check your email address
  3. ~Choose a secure Password
  4. ~For security purposes use UPPER case, lower case, numbers and/or other special characters(!@#$%&* etc)
  5. ~Write password down if you think you might forget it.
  6. When all the fields are filled in then you can click the ” Submit Form ” button.
  7. If everything went well then you will receive a message that says: ” Submission Successful. Please check your inbox for further instruction.”

  1. Click the “Back to Main Page” text in blue to return to the login screen.

Step 3

  1. Next you will need to check your inbox for the email that you used to register with. You should see something similar to

  1. Open the email for further instructions.
  2. Once you open the email you should see a verification link similar to

  1. You will have to click the link in the email ” Click here to confirm registration “
  2. If you clicked the link you should get a message saying that registration was successful.
  3. You can now login using the details you provided earlier in the registration form.

  1. Visit the Login screen and type in your email address and password and click the login button.

  1. Once you are logged in you would get a notification that pops up every time you log in. This normally provides you with all the latest updates and notifications of the Debt Wise Program. Click the “Close” button to exit the notification.